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Here at My Memory Beads,

We Have a Real Responsibility to our Customers and A True Accountability to Ourselves.

- Jo, Principal Beadsmith

My Memory Beads

We've been in your shoes.


And just like you we've experience life changing events, that we somehow wanted to find a way to encase into something tangible

to hold on to and, in some cases something we could pass on. 

Sometimes, in the chaos and excitement of these amazing moments we get caught up in the energy and get lost.

And often, after these storms have passed, we are left regretting not having saved or prepared something beforehand. 

This is how My Memory Beads officially came to be, I had to find a way to work through my own grief, by helping others.

With over 20 years of crafting  memorial keepsakes and resin jewellery, at first just for family and friends,

 I now make this service available for anyone who needs it.

My Memory Beads continues to be here for those needing to fight through grief, those wanting to wear their vows besides a ring,

mothers who want tokens of their love and protection to be passed on, and so much more. 


We are dedicated to providing you the ability to encase precious memories into wearable art, so that you may tap into them whenever you need to. We hope Your Memory Beads & Keepsakes bring you comfort, hope, and joy

- just as our keepsakes have for us. 



Jo, The BeadSmith

Our Ethos

My Memory Beads is in the business of crafting keepsakes and are dedicated to turning your memories into bespoke

pieces that will last for years to come. This means only using quality materials and actual preservation techniques

to ensure no molding or rotting of the inclusions you send us. We do not use craft resin which is unstable for

the preservation of DNA inclusions and is not suitable for longterm use on skin.


We have over 20 years of experience with the many variants of resin and the preservation of DNA inclusions.

Why have we not been featured in the media?

Simply put we have politely declined all interviews focusing on the founders and not the service. We have been entrusted

as temporary custodians to handle inclusions from our client's loved ones and, some of those inclusions are quite controversial. 


We are in the business of keepsakes, not fast fashion and we don't engage in price wars because of the materials we use,

our preservation techniques and the after sale services we offer our clients. 

Each purchase here comes with a 6 Month Warranty, not because something may happen to it -

but we want to be here for you in the extreme rare case that something does. We also provide aftercare services

to help you maintain your keepsakes in pristine condition for years to come. 

For More Information on Inclusions, After Care Services and what makes us different? Click Here

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