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Comes with a reusable cotten bag or canvas pouch.  


Our White sage comes from the coastal mountains of California. This broadleaf sage is prized for its strong aromatic properties and clean white smoke. Used by Native Americans and other cultures for thousands of years for cleansing and protection.


Use White Sage to purifying spaces, remove negative and stagnant energy, purify items (e.g. crystals, jewellery) and people - with its smoke (smudging).  


Our White Sage Smudge Sticks are beautifully bound and made with full leaves still attached to their stems. These also do not require coal to light and burn.  Simply light the tips of the bundle and once a flame appears, gently shake until the light dies down and smoke begins. Let it naturally extinguish or place the ambers into sand or salt. 


3 Sticks
3.5-4" long x 1" diameter total weight: 20 - 28 grams per stick 

White Sage Smudge Sticks

  • We only import products that we know were sustainably and responsibly sourced, directly from fair trade farmers in their respective countries. Our stocks comes directly from Ecuador and North America. 

  • Open a window or a door to let fresh air in and negative energy out.  

    Hold the stick over a ceramic dish or abalone shell. Begin from your main doorway and move around the room in a clockwise manner with the intention to push negative energy out. Windows should be open to allow negative energy to escape. 

    If you’re smudging a house continue with each room. Finish at your front door where you will extinguish the smoldering embers by rubbing them inside the ceramic dish or abalone shell.

    After rub the ashes on your doorstep or door to protect the entrance to your home.