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Comes with matching necklace. Purchase of this piece comes with an online design meeting.

Your Milk Drop Pendant - beautifully preserved breast milk encased in a dainty and elegant designed for easy, daily wear; making it the ideal piece to showcase your special bond with your little one. 


Crafted using a small amount of your own breast milk, we help you create and personalise something meaningful.


Made from quality stainless steel for durability, this pendant is perfect for daily wear. 


Choose to showcase your milks natural beauty, or add a bit of sparkle and decorative inclusions to mix things up. 


  • 10ml of breast milk 
  • 3-6 weeks of production 

Milk Drop Charm 
Size of Pendant: 4mm 
Size of Pendant with Bail: 6mm 
Material: Stainless Steel

Comes with matching 45cm necklace. 


Add-On Options:
Birthstone/Lucky Colour

Size: 8mm 
Material: Stainless Steel Coated in Titanium 

Your Milk Drop

  • Breast Milk Charm: 
    Size of Pendant: 4mm
    Size of Pendant with Bail: 6mm
    Material: Stainless Steel

    Titanium Stainless Steel
    Size: 45cm

    Birthstone/Lucky Colour: 
    Size: 8mm 
    Stainless Steel coated in Titanium