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Thank You to our Clients,

past, present& future for trusting us with your precious inclusions.


Words can't express the gratitude we feel for the care and attention that @mymemorybeads have poured into crafting these stunning pieces. Each bead encapsulates a cherished memory and a bond that remains unbroken.


Just as @artistjanetlee had wished, she will always be with us, a constant reminder that love transcends time and space.


Thank you, My Memory Beads, for helping us keep her spirit alive. 💙

- Joyce & Artist Janet Lee

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Bumped into My Memory Beads through a friend’s post. Had a bag of expired breast milk in my freezer, wondering how I’d be able to make it into something memorable, to keep with me for the rest of my time, as I found it extremely sacred. 

The process was super quick, I sent in my milk to their drop off centre and within 4 weeks, viola! A beautiful set of jewellery was made, and I even got a little extra to be made as an accessory.


Absolutely effortless, and beautiful too!


Thank you My Memory Beads! 😊

- Keerthana



I was gifted a Gift Card for our wedding and decided to also get beads for family that couldn’t be there for our wedding day.


What a beautiful outcome - very gorgeous beads, dealt with care and love by the team throughout!


I couldn’t be happier: communication was constant and amazing and clear, presentation of the beads were spectacular and thoughtful, and it was really just a pleasure dealing with the team.


So glad to have a piece of our day with us and extra highly recommend to anyone thinking about it.

- Bianca

wedding keepsakes momentos malaysia.png


Extremely overwhelmed and touched. I can see a lot of hard work being put into making of these beads. Thank you for the additional gifts as well and it is really kind and thoughtful of you guys. Somehow or rather you guys have immortalize our sweetheart, Yippie.


We now have something to hold on to in the memory of Yippie till the rest of our lives and it was only possible because of "My Memory Beads". Can't thank you enough and in fact "Thank You" seems so inadequate for the service you have rendered.


Please keep up the good job and may god bless you guys for healing people's loss with such a noble service. 🙏 

- Puvan



We have been looking for something to immortalise our forever best boi Macc that has recently passed. After alot of searching, @mymemorybeads has the most elegant designs on the market and has a very personal touch to the beads.


Our beadsmith Jo has been very helpful and thoughtful in the designing process! She has put her utmost care and spent a lot of time understanding the needs of each bead.


Each of her creation has been brought to life! We would like to thank Bee as well for being so helpful and accommodating with our questions. Thank you for doing what you’re doing to help every dog parent’s grief!

- Pik Yue & Pik Wern

Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 12.06_edited.jpg



Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 2.53_edited.jpg

- Yunie

Thank you so much My Memory Beads for the kind assistance through out the process.


Your extra effort in helping me choose the right item, and guidance on how I can preserve my memory of my lovely furline as well the extra effort to give me words of comfort are something that are way above the money and cents I spent.


I would totally recommend the Memory Keepsakes line item to anyone who wants their memories to be beautifully crafted.

Thank you again.


- Ann & Pack

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-13 at 1.19_edited.jpg

Always wanted to get 'something' done of these two naughty babies. I travel quite a bit and always miss them. I am superstitious so didn't want to plan anything relating to their future passing, but I do worry about it. 


So when I saw this, I thought that this is perfect. Now no matter where I travel, they are always with me and I never feel alone. 


Thank you for being patient with all my requests. The beads came out so perfect and matches my style. 

On a more serious note, I was a bit scared at first to do this, because they are still alive. But what Jo said to me made sense. We should do it while they are living, just incase anything happens so that I don't have to worry in the future.


What they are offering is not just memorial keepsakes, it's like a celebration of life and love. It's my memories and my loved ones that I can carry with me everywhere. 


Thank you My Memory Beads for this amazing service! And for opening my eyes!


- Cinder

Thank you My Memory Beads for all the effort and detail that you put into your work. Everything was well organised from the moment the order was placed till when I’ve received the beads.


It was really being able to  chat directly with them and to see that my inclusions were so very well taken care of and used in the design of the beads.They turned out perfect to represent my piggies and would remind me of them every time I looked at the beads. They are so very very pretty.


The quality of the beads are top notch and worth every single cent due to the attentiveness in making them.The packaging itself is so lovely and thoughtful. It really does make it seem like the perfect gift as well! Highly recommend it to anyone who thinks of getting themselves a little something to remind them of the important things/events in life.

Memorial keepsakes malaysia_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The My Memory Beads team work with such gentle integrity and warm sincerity as they help us immortalise memories of our loved ones.


They do a thorough consultation to best capture our vision in our jewelry and is very patient in constantly updating us on the progress of our orders.


The thoughtfulness of which the package is presented was truly touching.  Thank you My Memory Beads.

- Sharon


Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 3.12_edited.jpg


- Jennifer

508D9382-F7CE-4FCC-B0D9-D010F1B50B48 2_e

Ever since Chico passed away, I’ve been looking for a way to memorialize him through his ashes - was always keen on turning him into a diamond but not only does it cost a bomb, you also have to send the ashes overseas. Who’s to say if 1) the ashes will make it without getting lost, 2) they will even use your ashes to make the diamond/crystal - apparently there have been a lot of scams in the past. 

Recently my sister came across My Memory Beads which is based in Malaysia and is able to convert the ashes of your loved ones into jewellery beads made out of resin. Each bead is actually customized according to your memories/preferences. When I purchased my Chico bead, I also received a sister bead which is a smaller version of your main bead.


Something which I found really cool was how they actually make an extra version of your bead just in case something happens to yours for 6 months to a year. In the event that you don’t need it, the bead is buried 😊 the company also makes beads out of milk/placenta for any mummies who might be interested. 

Overall, I highly recommend the service and really enjoyed the experience. The staff are amazingly passionate and have thought through the details very carefully.


- Crystal

I'm very pleasantly surprised with the quality and services by My Memory Beads ❤.


Extremely thoughtful and kind, and even goes as far as to create and suggest designs when I myself was unsure on what was best. 

I'm extremely happy with the final product, and I'm forever thankful as I am able to keep a piece of my baby close to me for as long as I am here ❤


I'm definitely thinking of buying more again sometime!

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