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The purchase of this keepsake comes with an online meeting before work gets started.


Introducing the Heart 'Hair | Fur-Gem' Ring. A meaningful accessory for those looking to keep part of their loved ones with them at all times.

This beautiful ring is crafted with care and features a faceted heart made with Hair | Fur you provide us - that sparkles with every moment, reminding you of the everlasting love and cherished memories as you continue on your own journey.

Please note that your Heart Gem is Faceted/cut like a diamond, not domed and smooth.

The Heart Hair | Fur-Gem Ring

925 Sterling Silver with adjustable ring band

with faceted Heart Cut Hair | Fur Gem made with the Hair | Fur you provide.

Size of Ash-Gem: 8mm x 8mm

Size of Ring: Adjustable


The Heart Hair | Fur-Gem Pendant Only

925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia

with faceted Heart Cut Milk Gem made with ashes you provide.

Size of Heart Pendant: 10mm x 10mm

Height of Pendant: 12mm

Note: Pendant does not come with a necklace


The Heart Heart Hair | Fur -Gem Pendant + Ring Set

Comes with:



Matching 925 Sterling Silver Necklace


❧ This Keepsake Will Require:

Hair or Fur

4-8 weeks to craft





❧ Important Notes:

Each keepsake is lovingly crafted with respect throughout the entire process.

This purchase comes with an online/chat meeting to discuss it's creation after purchase.

Have questions about how to order or how to pack? How to Order HERE How to Pack HERE F.A.Q page HERE

Heart Hair | Fur -Gem Ring

  • Materials: 
    House Blend of Resin
    House Blend of Fairy Dust

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