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The Pink Ribbon is the universal symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. It's also a symbol worn proudly by both warriors and supporters of these amazing surviors. 


Whether you'd like to proudly add this bead to your bracelet, or gift it, we have a few ideas to get you started. These beads come with a Pink Ribbon. You can keep it as plain as you'd like or spruce it up. 

  • [Ribbon] 5 Year Survivor 
  • [Ribbon] I Kicked It's Ass! 
  • [Ribbon] F*ck You! I won! 
  • [Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon] 
  • [Ribbon] For Sarah 
  • [Ribbon] Your Name 


Just Some Ideas to include: 

  • Secret a message which we will encase for you [e.g. I am strong, hope, faith, God]
  • Breast Milk (strong mama's who have fought and won, we haven't forgotten about you!)
  • Ashes for the fallen warrior
  • Or anything you'd like us to stuff in there to power up your bead


*Please note that we are trying to keep the cost of this bead down and that a portion of its sales will be donated every year to our Breast Cancer Foundation/Association of our choice. This bead will take 3-6 weeks to craft. 


Want to include an inclusion you don't see listed? Purchase that option HERE. Not sure if we can include it? Send us a message!

Breast Cancer Bead For Hair

  • House Blend of Resin