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Lucky Charm Good Luck Beads!

Luck Specific Beads Now Available! 

  • Overall Good Luck Bead 
  • Wealth & Career
  • Love
  • Health & Safety 

Some people swear by them while others think they're silly. We believe that nothing beats being positive and always having hope! And having a Good Luck Bead packed with some seriously good stuff doesn't hurt either. 


We've filled our Good Luck Bead with mystical herbs, holy wood and resin gathered from all over the globe; said to ward off evil and help attract a little love and luck into your life. 

Just 'Some' of what our Good Luck Beads are filled with:

Fool's Gold, Pyrite
White Sage, America 
Santo Palo, Peru

Frankincense, Jerusalem

Damiana, Mexico 


Personalising Your Bead:

You can choose to Tint your Good Luck Bead to your Good Luck Colour!  Just let us know which colour you need. If that space is left empty, they will arrive in their natural amber/brown tint. 

Want to include something to further power up your Good Luck Bead, but not sure if it can be included? Send us a message to check if it's possibe HERE


Want to include a name/text on this bead? Purchase that option HERE


Want to include an inclusion you don't see listed? Purchase that option HERE. Not sure if we can include it? Send us a message!


How much of each inclusion do we need? How to pack them? Where to send them? The Answers are in our F.A.Q page HERE


The Good Luck Bead

  • House Blend of Resin