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As each keepsake is extremely personal, this purchase comes with an online meeting before work gets started.


Keep your loved one close to you, speak to them of your worries, then release your fears away.


Our Hope Stones (also known as worry stones) are smooth stones, used for anxiety relief.


To use, simply hold the hope stone comfortably in your hand, where you can place your thumb in the carved out groove. Gently move your thumb in whatever motion soothes you. Right and left. Up and down.


This repetitive motion creates a calming effect on the mind and body. Acupressure which stimulates certain pressure points to help send out calming messages to the brain, allowing for happy hormones to be released, which can bring us back into balance and calm.


Available in:

🫧 Full Ash
The beauty of the ashes will shine through. You may choose to add some decorative inclusions such as gold flakes/flowers and even a photo or name. No design work.

🫧 Full Ash Gemstone
Infused with healing crystals, you will get to choose from an array of semi-precious stones and crystals; e.g. such as turqoise, obsidian, kyanite.  You can also choose to add a photo or name. 


🫧 Clear with Ash Design

Choose your colours, your ash design (if you wish) and decorative inclusions to personalise your keepsake. You may even add your loved one's photo and name. 



Height: 45mmWidth: 35mm

Thickness: 6-8mm

Please allow a 1-3mm difference for the Hope stones , as no 2 are the same.


❧ This Keepsake Will Require:

  • Ashes 
  • 6-8 weeks to craft


*Please send us crushed ashes and no bones or bone pieces bigger than 3mmx3mm. A grinding fee may be imposed if we receive bigger pieces. 


Each keepsake is crafted with respect according to your wishes (e.g. inclusions/religious denomination). This one of a kind creation means that we work closely with you to ensure your loved ones ashes and other inclusions are handled respectfully and carefully throughout the entire process.


We want to give you the option of holding your keepsake and not be questioned, which means that we can craft your keepsake to show people as much or as little as you'd like.




❧ Personalize Your Piece:

This keepsake comes with an online meeting to discuss it's creation.

Be sure to check out our Updated Charts

as a guide to start playing around with ideas before the meeting. Once the keepsake has been made, details can be hashed out before crafting begins.


Want to include an inclusion you don't see listed? Purchase that option HERE. Not sure if we can include it? Send us a message!

How much of each inclusion do we need? How to pack them? Where to send them? Find the Answers are in our F.A.Q page HERE.

Hope Stones

  • Materials: 
    House Blend of Jewellery Resin 
    Slower to change, more stable. 

    Your precious DNA inclusions are also treated and preserved before encasing them.

    Why Choose My Memory Beads? Read More Here.

  • Choose to encase:

    • Ashes 

    Find out How to Pack Your Inclusions and Where to Send it at our FAQ PAGE.