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Comes with matching necklace. 

A Mother’s love is the strongest love that exists. May your keepsakes be a showcase of the extraordinary bond that connects you to your loved ones, but most importantly a reminder to be proud of what you have accomplished. 


  • 10ml of breast milk 
  • 3-6 weeks of production 

Engraved Collection: Heart Medallion with Milk Drop Charm

Customise your keepsake with your chosen engraved text to make it extra personal. Comes with a dainty Milk Drop Charm filled with your breast milk. Confused about text & placement? Chat with us after purchase to confirm fonts  and text placement. 

Heart Medal  
Size: 21mm x 21mm
Material: Stainless Steel coated in Titanium 
Comes with matching 45cm necklace 

Milk Drop Charm 
Size: 4mm 
Material: Stainless Steel


Add-On Birthstone/Lucky Colour
Size: 8mm 
Material: Stainless Steel Coated in Titanium 


Have Questions regarding this keepsake?

Want to include additional DNA Inclusions such as hair or umbilical cord? Ask Us on Instagram | Facebook

Engraved: Heart Medallion with Milk Drop Charm

  • Heart Medal:
    Stainless Steel coated in Titanium  
    Size: 21mm x 16mm

    Breast Milk Charm: 
    Stainless Steel
    Size: 4mm 

    Titanium Stainless Steel
    Size: 45cm

    Birthstone/Lucky Colour: 
    Size: 8mm 
    Stainless Steel coated in Titanium 

    Please allow 0.1-1mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.