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As each ring is extremely personal, the purchase of this ring comes with an online meeting before work gets started. 


Proudly wear your love and hardwork and DNA inclusions that tie you and your child together. 


Forevermore Band

Titanium coated Stainless Steel

Sizes US5 - US13 

Width: 3.5mm | 4mm | 5mm | 6mm | 8mm  


❧ This Keepsake Will Require:

  • Breastmilk
  • Umbilical Cord 
  • Hair (Baby | Mama | Papa) 
  • 6-8 weeks to craft


We want to give you the option of wearing your keepsake and not be questioned, which means that we can craft your keepsake to show people as much or as little as you'd like.




❧ Personalize Your Piece:

  • This keepsake comes with an online meeting to discuss it's creation.
  • Want to include an inclusion you don't see listed? Purchase that option HERE. Not sure if we can include it? Send us a message!
  • How much of each inclusion do we need? How to pack them? Where to send them? Find the Answers are in our F.A.Q page HERE

Forevermore Mama & Baby DNA Ring

  • Materials: 
    House Blend of Jewellery Resin

    Your precious DNA inclusions are treated and preserved before encasing them in our House Blend of Resin that cannot be commercially bought. 

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