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This purchase comes with an online meeting to discuss the creation off your bead. 


❧This Bead will Require: 

  • 30ml Breast Milk | 30ml Milk Alternative | 1 tablespoon Milk Formula  
  • 3-6 weeks to craft


The Marble Bead 's duality still amazes us. Mix your favourite colours together then add some sparkle, shine and magic to it with a little help from our Inclusions Chart! 


Nothing is more potent and powerful than Mother's Milk. In every form. It provides growth as well as protection. Enjoy them now, then pass them on when your littl ones leave the nest. Tokens of love and protection that they can carry with them as they explore the world on their own. 


How to customise Your Bead:  

  • Colour Chart: Choose up to a maximum of 4 colours for us to marble together
  • Inclusions Chart: Choose up to a maximum of 2 for extra sparkle
  • Choose your bead finish [Matte | Pearl Shimmer | Diamond dust] 


Additional Inclusions that can be Added: 

  • Placenta Umbilical 
  • Umbilical Cord 
  • Hair



 Customise Your Piece:

  • This purchase comes with an online meeting to discuss it's creation.
  • Be sure to check out our Updated Charts as a guide to start playing around with ideas before the meeting. Once the purchase has been made, details can be hashed out before crafting begins. 
  • Want to include a name/text on this bead? Purchase that option HERE
  • Want to include an inclusion you don't see listed? Purchase that option HERE. Not sure if we can include it? Send us a message!
  • How much of each inclusion do we need? How to pack them? Where to send them? Find the Answers are in our F.A.Q page HERE

The Marble Milk Bead

  • Materials: 
    House Blend of Resin
    House Blend of Fairy Dust

    Your Milk and DNA inclusions go through various steps and processes to ensure that your memory bead will not experience rotting, molding or colour deterioration.  

    Here at My Memory Beads, we choose not bleach your milk, because through our techniques, we are able to bring out the natural glow and pigmentation of your milk, we only help to boost its natural colour with our chosen finishes. 

    Your precious DNA inclusions are also treated and preserved before encasing them in our House Blend of Resin that cannot be commercially bought. 

    Why Choose My Memory Beads? Read More Here.